Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui is all thrilled to learn this one thing from Prince Narula that will help him amp up the game

In the lock upp leak, Munawar Faruqui comes in front of the camera and calls out the reason for his excitement about competing with Prince Narula towards the finale.   

In the most controversial show, the troublemaker Prince Narula’s entry has created a lot of ups and downs in the show, and inside the jail. Whereas Munawar Faruqui comes in front of the camera and spills out the thoughts which he has in his mind for Prince Narula. Munawar says, “I have a feeling in my mind, Prince is not someone normal kaidi in the jail.” Munawar goes on to say Lock Upp is the number one show without any doubts. The makers of the show are smart, and they are not the ones who would make anything look stupid to the audience. The entry of trouble maker Prince is not just as a competitior but as someone who will give a tough competition to anyone says Munawar. Munawar tags Prince as a great troublemaker, and it will definitely create a lot of trouble even in winning.

Munawar goes on to say he is ready to play along with Prince because there are a lot of profits. If you are in such a position to learn something from someone or to grab knowledge from any experienced person, then you should go, Munawar tells in front of the camera. Munawar goes on to continue and says the moment you do all the planning plotting and slowly that gets unfolded in front of the audience the happiness in on a different level be it for anyone.

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