Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui holds Anjali Arora hands; Upset Saisha Shinde says, “Mujhe dikhane ke liye kar rahi hai na ye sab?”

In the lock upp leak, Anjali Arora is seen bashing out at Saisha Shinde as she gets angry and says, “haar cheez mere upar mat daal Saisha.”

In the most controversial show lock upp the controversies and the twists and turns take place every now and then. This time Anjali Arora seems to get upset because Saisha Shinde had said, “yeh sab mujhe dikhane k liye kar raha hai kya?” After Munawar Faruqui had hold hand of Anjali. Anjali says to Saisha, “She only went and asked Anjali why she is showing off all this.” On hearing this Saisha says, what did I say. To which Anjali replied angrily and said, “kya bola mene, “haar cheez mere upar mat daal Saisha.”

Anjali gets angry and says, to Saisha why is doing all this to her. To which Saisha says, I am asking about that situation when Munawar was looking into your hands and was holding it. Anjali on hearing this says, the moment when I was sitting down and was looking into my hands, after that we didn’t spoke to each other. Saisha then says to Anjali, “yes, I was asking about this situation that were you all doing this to just to show me?” To which Anjali replies, no. Anjali goes on to ask Saisha that, why she was continuously talking about the thing which had already happened. Anjali goes on to say, “Why are all these things coming upon me.”


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