Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah to get some super powers? Here’s what we know

Both the wildcards get the power to put a name into the charge sheet and get the chance to choose their own Lock.

The wildcards Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah have entered the house not two days ago and have already started havoc in the house with their firey answers and comebacks, Azma even had an argument with Anjali Arora on her first day in the jail.

In the latest promo, it is shown that both the wildcards are given some special powers to use, one being that it is in their hands to choose which Lock they want to be a part of (either the blue team or the orange team). Munawar Faruqui teasingly says to Azma, ” Anjali ki dushmani mehangi padh jayegi” to which she replies by saying,” Anjali ki dushmani ya Dosti, much bhi nahi chaiye.”


Mandana while choosing her lock says that in the blue team everyone is following a single person whereas the orange team needs a chance to grow and do better, By saying this she chooses the orange team as her lock. even Azma choose an orange team to be her lock and said, “Mai orange team mai issue liye aana chahati hu, kyuki mujhe competition Dekhna hai.” she said this line mentioning Anjali Arora as both of them are not on great terms with one another at the moment.

After choosing their desired lock both Mandana and Azma are given the opportunity to put a person’s name in the charge sheet, they both give the reasons behind their nomination but the person whom they put in the charge sheet is not shown in the promo yet.

Mandana reasoned that “I would like to see her eliminated first,” whereas Azma told the guard; “Agar koi strong banda jata hai, toh saamne wali team thori weak padhegi.”

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