Lock Upp: Karanvir Bohra is shure of his victory; Claims, “Yeh wala show mere naam par hai”

In the recent episode of “judgment day”, Karanvir Bohra makes a remark that this time he is going to win the show, and turn all the tables down.

In the recent episode of the “judgment day”, host Kangana did a little comparison in between KaranvirBohra and Prince Narula. She goes on by saying, “Karan Prince is just opposite of you.” She goes on to say, “Karan ap jaase haar show harte hai yeh haar show jeete tei hai.” On listening to this Karanvir says, “You are always behind this only.” Karanvir then tells Kangana, “I might lose the game, but today I have reached over here and it is also a very big achievement for me.” “This is the eleventh show that I am doing, and eleven is a very lucky number.” Hence this show is all mine, and I can promise you that I have the capability to turn down the tables.

On hearing all this Kangana says, “areeh Karan thoda bahut toh cheerna chaiye.” Prince then tells that he knows Karanvir for a very long time and he loves him very much. Prince then indicates Karanvir as “Shakuni Mama”, as because he thinks that the game is going according to him and as per the way he wants the game to go. Actually, in real a game is being played behind his back, which he is not aware of. On hearing this everyone starts to laugh.

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