Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut sends her ‘Hukum ka Ikka’ in the jail; dissolves both the blocks

Kangana Ranaut on the judgement day, bought a new wildcard kaidi on the show, also dissolved both the blocks.


Lock Upp is around the corner of the finale, and have had lot of wildcard entries in the past seven weeks. Few of the fans predict that the show makers might extend the season. Queen Kangana host of the show dissolves both the blocks making kaidis individual players and the show now has a extremely charming Bigg Boss winner Prince Narula as a new wildcard kaidi.
In the recent episode where all the inmates along with Queen Kangana and Ekta Kapoor had a blast on judgement day, kangana introduced her ‘hukum ka ikka’ Prince Narula in the jail, the new wildcard kaidi.
Kangana tags Prince Narula as Prince of reality shows. Prince Narula says, “ and I promise jo in mese nahi kar raha kaam mai unko sabko uthaunga” later adds, “uthaunga ya fir bahar karunga”.
Praises Munawar Faruqui for his game and shares gaming secrets with the rest says, “aise show me jaan lagani hi padti hai, lagarhe ho par dheelo ho. Kuch log hi hai jo chamak rahe hai, baki sab kisika sath derahe hai kisika dost banrahe hai”.
When asked about the competition Prince Narula said he believes in his game and he doesn’t believe in finding someone a competition says, “Mereko jo passand hai wo hai Munawar” also says he likes Payal Rohatgi’s game and warns her to be alert.