Lock Upp: Kangana Ranaut reacts on Anjali Arora backstabbing Munawar Faruqui; Says, “Pehli baar maine tumhe apne liye stand lete dekha”

Kangana Ranaut first appreciates Anjal for playing the individual games and then places her under Kala Paani’s captivity for involving in Azma and Zeeshan’s fight.


Kangana Ranaut, the host of the Lock Upp reality show, responds to the week’s most startling incidents on Judgement Day. Kangana apologises to Azma Fallah for having to deal with physical aggression from eliminated contestant Zeeshaan Khan at first.

Kangana further makes a remark on Anjali Arora’s backstabbing of Munawar Faruqui and on Anjali’s individual game. Ranaut appreciated Anjali by saying, “Itne hafto mein pheli baar maine tumhe apne liye stand lete dekha.”

Despite Kangana’s admiration for Anjali’s distinct gameplay, she chastises her for getting too involved in Anjali and Zeeshaan’s quarrel. Kangana says to Anjali, “Tumne apna frustration, desperation dikhane bas ghus gayi Azma ke saath.”

Kangana claims that Anjali did not demonstrate any progress after Kangana’s three warnings. As a result, she places Arora under Kala Paani’s captivity.

Let me tell you that in the recent Arena task, Anjali backstabbed his best friend on the show for playing games individually. Munawar is now devastated after going through a lot.

Meanwhile, Shivam Sharma, the show’s first finalist, spared Payal Rohatgi from elimination the day before yesterday. Shivam received an invitation to the grand finale signed by host Kangana Ranaut after getting a ticket to the finals. When Rohatgi heard her name, she burst into tears. Payal, according to Shivam, has been a part of the programme since the beginning. He went on to say that Rohatgi was one of the show’s strongest components.