Lock Upp: Here’s why some netizens speculate Anurag Kashyap as the mysterious director behind Mandana Karimi’s pregnancy story

As soon Mandana Karimi revealed her secret about abortion, netizens speculated who is the father of that child.

Actress Mandana Karimi admitted to having an abortion in order to avoid eviction on the April 10 episode of the reality programme Lock Upp.

She said that while she was going through a divorce and separation from her ex-husband, she fell in love with a well-known director. According to Karimi, that individual portrayed himself as someone who could be his buddy at a time when she couldn’t trust males in general.


They became closer and began to live together throughout the lockdown. In the midst of all of this, she fell pregnant and wanted to plan her pregnancy, but he disagreed and urged her to get an abortion.

As soon as this episode was aired, this news went like fire and became the talk of the town. Netizens started speculating about the likely father of the aborted kid.  However, many internet users hypothesised that it may be Anurag Kashyap for a variety of reasons.

Some individuals chose his name randomly, while others sarcastically stated that no one is a bigger feminist than him. Some users gave weight to this theory due to the alleged given record of Anurag Kashyap in these kinds of stuff. While some users on the other hand think like this because last year Mandana Karimi thanked Kashyap for helping her in a tough time and speculated it could be him who she had a relationship with.

However, these are just speculations and we really don’t know who is the father of Mandana’s kid as she didn’t reveal this all by herself. On the other hand, Anurag Kashyap didn’t make a statement on this matter.