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Lock Upp: Here’s why Poonam Pandey apologises to her mother

Poonam Pandey apologises in front of her mother for displaying abusive behaviour on the show.


During the emotional family week, Upp contestants who are known for snubbing each other showed their support to other inmates. The producers invited in the contestants’ loved ones before the finals to offer them the fortitude and emotional support they needed to go through the last phase. Poonam Pandey became tearful in front of Prince Narula and Munawar Faruqqui when family members of numerous contestants visited the jail, expecting that no one from her family would pay her a visit. But when her mother entered, she was taken aback.

Poonam got a message from her sister first. Her mother entered through the doors shortly after the message was given.

Poonam Pandey’s mother hugged her and embraced her by saying that she is her son. She later told her that her sister-in-law give birth to twin daughters and feed her laddoo. Later, Poonam was seen in the show apologising to her mother for her violent behaviour and abusive language. As she spoke, she remarked, “Bahut papagiri ki na maine beech mein.”

On this, her mother said, “Papa ki beti hai, to papagiri karegi hi.”

Her mother was also spotted conducting a ceremony to remove the evil eye from her before bidding farewell.