Lock Upp: Here’s what Prince Narula and Munawar Faruqui have to say about Poonam Pandey’s bold move to take a bath in the yard area

Prince Narula and Munawar Faruqui look uncomfortable with Poonam Pandey as she took a bold move to take a bath in the yard area.

Lock Upp reality show’s one of the boldest contestants Poonam Pandey didn’t stop making news with his antics even when she is on the show. In the recent episode, when Shivam took a bath in the yard area, Poonam also decided to do the same.

As Poonam Pandey is preparing to take a bath in the yard area, Saisha and Prince informed Munawar and others as they entered the prison area. Prince said, “Isliye main bahar nahi jaa raha hoon.” To which Munawar replied, “I am also not going as I am fasting for Ramzan.”

Later on, Prince Narula, Munawar, Anjali, and Saisha can be seen discussing Poonam’s actions. Munawar explains, “Uske jaane ke chances badh gaye, Poonam ke kyunki makers ko chahiye the woh unko mil gaya, ab Poonam aap jaa sakte hain, kyunki humein joh chahiye tha woh mil gaya.”

Replying to this, Prince added, “See, all those men who want to see Poonam will keep voting for her till the end. They will always vote for her because they want to see what she will do next.” Munawar then jokingly said, “If she promises on Thursday-Friday episode to take off t-shirt if the audience saves her or vote for her in highest numbers, she will win the show.”
Prince begins to chuckle, and Munawar declares that the producers will crown her winner before the final prize is presented. He further said that t hey’ll give her the trophy a week before the final, explaining that they don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Prince goes on to declare that he will concede in front of the producers that they will be unable to accomplish anything following Poonam’s move.
Except for Payal Rohatgi, everyone else sat inside the jail area while Poonam was taking a bath. The footage of Poonam having a bath within Lock Upp was not aired by the show’s producers.
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