Lock Upp: Have a looke- Saisha Shinde claims Munawar Faruqui is someone who plays positive mind games

In the lock upp leak, Saisha Shinde shares how she feels about Munawar Faruqui and says Munawar is someone who plays, “positive mind games.”

In the most famous OTT show lock upp, where contestants are seen giving tags to each other. This time Saisha Shinde has a lot to say about Munawar Faruqui. Saisha begins by saying Munawar is such a player who plays a lot of mind games, and as per her thoughts, those mind games are positive mind games. Saisha goes on to say, “I have never taken his mind games negatively.” Saisha says that whatever negative has happened in the jail or anything against her. Munawar was always by her side and had always supported her. Munawar had always given her support and has always helped her during any day be it during the task, charge sheet day, or even on the judgment day in the jail.

Saisha goes on to say that, Munawar has defended some people, by telling her that if anyone said her anything negative Munawar always said to her that person might have told it during the game. Saisha even says that during the last episode Munawar had reacted too much as per her views. Saisha then goes on to advise Munawar and says, as per the terms of sensitivity you should improve, and by doing that he would get better than her also. Saisha says that if you cannot improve then, “I am better than you.”



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