Lock Upp: Have a look- Azma Fallah wishes to have a life partner just like Prince Narula

Looks like Azma Fallah has totally fallen for lock upp’s troublemaker Prince Narula, as she wants her life partner just like Prince.

In the most controversial show lock upp, the likings and the love relationships happen every now and then. There are some of the famous likings and love stories which took place in the jail. Now it seems like Azma Fallah has completely fallen for Prince Narula, as she wants someone to be her life partner just like troublemaker Prince. Ali Merchant asks Azma, “what kind of a boy do you want in your life?” on hearing this Azma says, “just like Prince Narula, the one who will have a same body like Prince, along with the looks and height.” Azma says that, “agar Prince ho toh chalega.” On hearing this Ali says, “who toh nahi hoga.” Azma then says, “I know very well, but why did he get married so early?”

Ali on hearing this replies to Azma and says, “Areeh, ladki mil gayi toh kar li usne shaadi.” Azma then says, what about female fans like us, who wanted him so much, who all liked him so much. After that, she says, “But right now I am not his fan I am a co-kaidai, along with him.” Azma goes on to say, “ Now tables have turned, I was his fan earlier, but now I am not his fan anymore, I am a co-kaidai along with him, the relationship of a fan and all I have left outside the jail.”

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