Lock Upp: Have a look at why Poonam Pandey asks Payal Rohatgi to make her meet Sangram Singh

In lock upp leak, Poonam Pandey is seen asking Payal Rohatgi that she wants to meet Payal’s partner Sangram.

Lock Upp is heading towards finale, and the contestants are seen planning about what they are going to do in the finale and after they go out. While Poonam Pandey asks to Payal and says, “Can you do me a favor I want to meet Sangram this time.” On hearing this Payal says, yes he is going to come in the finale, along with parents. Everyone would be cheering us, and while we will stand on the stage. Payal says that, “but Poonam sorry he is taken.” On hearing this Poonam says, “I want to meet Sangram as my brother.” Anjali says to Poonam, “Brother nahi jiju.” Ali on hearing this says, “haan jiju sahi hai.”

Anjali says to Payal, “If you will not invite in your wedding.” On hearing this Payal says, “tereko, teroko nahi.” Azma says, “kya pata ki  waha bhi davaiyaa laker bhi stage mei uth jaiye.” Poonam says it might happen that, Payal might get ready and do all her makeup and all, and meanwhile Anjali will visit the venue and start to act like the way they both do fighting in the jail.” On hearing this Ali laughs out loud and says that there is no guarantee, that anything could happen, and anything could take place.



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