Lock Upp: Finding the ‘khufiya surang’ creates a major dispute in the jail; Have a look

In the upcoming episode of lock upp fans will get to witness how the finding of “khufiya surang” will create a dispute.


In the upcoming episode of the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get to witness how the contestants will fight among each other to find the, “khufiya surang.” The next task of the show where the contestants need to find a “khufiya surang”, which is there inside the jail. All of them quickly get inside the jail, and start finding the “khufiya surang.” Each and every one of them get into the diffrewnt corner to kind the surang. The contestants scatter in each and every corner of the jail, to find the surang, they look into kitchen, bathroom, and restroom and everywhere inside the jail.

After searching for a while they don’t find the surang. Meanwhile Shivam says to Payal that if the surang is there then that wall will be a little different from the other wall. Meanwhile someone dressed as a clown is seen entering the jail, and unlocks the passage of the “surang.” On seeing that Anjali enters that place and starts to search the wall, on searching she gets a different place. She says, “yeh kisne ukhada hai.” Along with that Munawar and Poonam find the surang, on seeing that everyone tries to enter the surang. Every one is seen entering the surang, to look what next is waiting for them.