Lock Upp: Fans trend, “PAYAL ACING LOCKUPP” on Twitter, to show the strength of the contestant’s fandom

Fans of Payal Rohatgi trend “PAYAL ACING LOCKUPP” to show their power.

Lock Upp reality show is getting wildly famous day by day as the controversial inmates give something new wild content on a daily basis. It makes this show interesting day by day. As we all know out of all contestants, one contestant who made headlines because of all the wrong reasons is none other than Payal Rohatgi.

Her outspoken attitude enrages even the coolest minds of the show. She doesn’t have any fear to say something controversial on the show whether it was her opinion on halal meat or her Islamophobic comments, she made the news that stands her at the centre of all attention. She plays so divisively on the show that even their own teammates didn’t support her occasionally.

These kinds of things are used to portray her in news. But heaters didn’t think that maybe her so-called outspoken and negative attitude is actually her strength as she uses them to show her honesty towards something, unlike other contestants who are maybe or may not be double-faced.

Recently, Zeeshan Khan asked about her fanbase and whether she has any fans or not. Now, Payal’s fans have answered his question by trending “PAYAL ACING LOCKUPP” on Twitter. It is unclear, however, whether fans trended this for showing her fan power to Zeeshan or not. But one thing is for sure, her fans are surely delighted as they showed their power in front of the whole world. This phrase is trended in the 28th position with 37.7K tweets in all of India. Have a look at some of her fans’ responses:

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