Lock Upp: Did Payal Rohatgi call Saisha Shinde a man? Here’s how the former clarified her statement

Munawar Faruqui claimed that Payal Rohatgi calls Saisha Shinde a man. Payal later clarifies it.


Lock Upp is getting intense day by day. Now, Munawar Faruqui alleged on Monday’s episode that Payal Rohatgi had called Saisha Shinde a “man.”

After the day’s work was completed, Prince Narula questioned Payal, “Maine to suna nahi Munawar ne suna hai. Kya apne ye kaha meri team me do ladke the? Saisha aur main?”

Payal replied, “Maine us hisab se nahi bola tha, mudda mat banaiye is baat ko. Apne bola is team me do ladke hain to maine bola ki Prince bhi strong hai aur Saisha bhi ladke jaisi strong hai. Bahut cheap mudda hai ye, besharmi ki hadd hai.”

Munawar then stated that Payal referred to Saisha as a man and made a mocking motion toward her. Upon hearing this, Payal screamed that she did not abuse anybody. Payal’s co-inmate Saisha, who was in the kitchen with her at the time, inquired whether she meant it when she claimed the team had two men. Payal clarified that she did not mean it in that way. She said, “I will still say this, I consider you have the strength of a man. All I meant was she is as strong as a man.”

Payal afterwards looked towards the camera while speaking with Azma Fallah and Shivam and remarked, “If I have said that, I apologise to Saisha, her family and friends and the transgender community. But that was not my intention at all. All I meant was that she has the physical strength of a man.”

Azma later pointed out that her comment was sexist.

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