Lock Upp: Azma Fallah’s mother is all set to reveal some controversial topics inside the jail

In the lock upp leak Azma Fallah’s mother was seen spicing up the atmosphere of the jail, as she is seen talking about what everyone did in the jail.

In the most controversial show lock upp the family members of the contestant have a lot to say about the rest of the contestants in the show. Azma Fallah’s mother was seen telling about Munawar Faruqui’s “kaacha badam dance.” Payal Rohatgi says that during her live Azm’s mother was hit. Payal says, if there is any live that is going on right now, there will be many comments about aunty. Azma says, “Live mei taabhi mach rahi hai.” Azma’s mother points out to Munawar and says, “I have seen yours’s video which was about “kaacha badam”, that you did in the show.” Munawar on hearing this says it was maybe two to four weeks back, I had done.

Azma’s mother says I had seen it in a viral video. Munawar says, yes I did it in the yard, but it was two to four weeks back may be. To which Azma’s mother replies, “yeh kya se kya baan gaye.” Azma’s mother goes on to say, “kuch achhi cheez bhi karate.” “You should have done something of your own. The thing which you did it was not looking good, the style which you did it was not good.  On hearing all this Azma is seen stopping her mother and is trying to stop her from speaking.

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