Lock Upp: Azma Fallah tries to create an angle between Ali Merchant and Sara Khan; Advices the former, “Ya toh uske sath flirt karo ya fight karo”

Our newest wildcard is going around giving advices to our already jailed contestants, Azma Fallah tells Ali Merchant how he can be more visible in the show.

Last night the Lock Upp house was introduced with two new wildcards and to say that the show is beginning to get spicier does not cover it.
Manadana Karimi and Azma Fallah on the first day have started to stir some drama into the reality television show.

Azma was seen talking to Ali about his game and advices him that he should go to his ex-wife, Sara Khan and either flirt or fight with her as the audience will love to see some interaction between the two.


Azma says,”Sara ke sath ja ke flirt karo ya fight karo” to her this statement Ali was seen saying yes. Now the fans are looking forward to how will Ali try and approach Sara.

Mandana further went forward to say that Sara uses Ali’s name to stay in the game, which cannot be true as Sara was in the show before Ali even entered or was mentioned. So to say that he is the reason for her not getting eliminated is not true, both the actors are getting love and support from their fandoms and do not need each other’s support to survive further in the game.