Lock Upp: Azma Fallah has a lot of reasons on why Munawar Faruqui should be locked out! Have a look

In the lock upp leak Azma Fallah was seen commenting on Munawar Faruqui on why he should be locked in.

In the most controversial show lock upp, fans will get to see how Azma Fallah is seen commenting on Munawar Faruqui. Azma is seen giving several reasons, and has a lot to say about him. Azma begins by saying, “Munawar is always seen spending his time on the bed, while during the task he is seen creating all types of disputes.” That is the reason why Azma feels that Munawar also deserves to get locked in. Azma also says that Munawar is also a talented, contestant. Azma goes on to give the reason that Munawar has got two three close friends in the jail. Azma says, “the very last week he had cried a lot but again he went to join with his friends, the same friends who were the reason for his crying.” Azma also says, Munawar is afraid to lose his friends and his Chamcha because he feels that his friends would go ahead of him and he will be left behind.

Azma says he is scared to lose his friends, and that is the reason why he tries to keep all his “chamchas”, under his control. Azma tags Munawar and says, “You are scared to live alone and you don’t have the guts to play alone.” Meanwhile Prince asks Azma, “Whom do you call a chamcha?” To which Azma tries to explain the meaning of Chamcha. Prince goes on to request Azma on taking the name of the chamchas. To which Azma indicates Anjali and says, sabse bada chamcha to woh hi apke side mei jo uske kacche dhoti hai, phir uski side wali jo uska kaam karti hai.”

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