Lock Upp: Azma Fallah and Mandana Karimi get into a heated argument; Latter fumes in anger- “Next time you talk about my parents, I’ll break your face”

In the upcoming episode of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah get into a heated argument. Mandana warns Azma and tells, “Shut your mouth”.

In the most controversial show Lock Upp, fights among the contestants is nothing new. The fight between Mandana and Azma is nothing new inside the jail. The last time they were seen fighting, as Azma told Mandana about her ex-husband. This time the fight it is about their parents. Azma points out to Mandana ans tells, “Loose motion gaaliyaan deti hai.” This triggers Mandana a lot and see starts the verbal fight. Azma tells that, didn’t your parents gave you any kind of teachings during your childhood?, yaa you have left them as well during your childhood. This triggers out Mandana a lot. She gets up from her bed and starts to band the door of the jail.

Mandana warns Azma and tells, “Next time you talk about my mom and dad your face is going to get break.” Azma asks furiously to Mandana that why did Mandana gave slangs to her parents? To which Mandana replies, “I didn’t gave any slang to anyone’s parents.” Mandana tells Azma that she didn’t pointed out Azma’s parents and didn’t gave any slangs to them. Mandana warns out Azma that from the next time she should not say anything about her mom and dad. Mandana throws the belongings of Azma, to which Azma replies “ tu meri ek bhi cheezo ko haat maat lagana.”