Lock Upp: Ali Merchant has been ‘Locked Out’, as Kangana decides to save Poonam Pandey over the former

Ali Merchant gets evicted as Kangana Ranaut chooses him over Poonam Pandey for eviction.


Poonam Pandey and Ali Merchant are declared to be at the bottom in the most recent episode of Lock Upp. While many of the contestants are rooting for her, they are unsure if she will make it. Poonam and Ali are waiting for Kangana to make her decision.

Kangana informs Poonam that many people, including several sponsors, believe her time is over, but she disagrees. Poonam, she believes, has given the programme some internet-breaking moments and deserves better.

But first, she questions Poonam if she actually wishes to give herself another opportunity or if she wants to give up the game. Poonam informs her that she wishes to remain in the game and prove herself. Kangana then informs her that she expected this from her.

Kangana turns to Ali and asks whether he agrees that he hasn’t contributed anything to the programme. She makes fun of him for being harmless, pleasant, and uninterested in the game. Ali who is in agreement with her, jokingly said,  “I am a good a** and not a bada**.”

Kangana, with a mysterious smile admits it’s true and continues by saying, “When you joined the game, I thought you won’t last a week but you proved everyone wrong. You have come this far in the game. But if I have to make a choice between Poonam and you, I will lock you out.”

Ali performs rap and entertains everyone before departing.