Lock Upp: Ali Merchant claims he is of the same age as Kangana Ranaut, as Azma Fallah calls him “buddha”

A verbal squabble erupted Azma Fallah and Ali Merchant. In between this, Azma referred him as “Buddha.” In reply to this, Ali gave her a befitting reply.

The Lock Upp reality programme, which was funded by Ekta Kapoor, is in its eighth week, and things have gotten serious at this point. One of the most perplexing instances in the most recent show was when Azma Fallah age-shamed Ali Merchant in the face.

For a long time, Azma’s lack of interest in and desire to perform housework has been a point of contention in the programme. In the most recent episode, something similar sparked an argument between her and Ali when Azma age-shamed Ali.

When Ali approached Azma and requested her to finish her cleaning responsibilities in the bathroom area, she refused and referred to him as ‘Do takke ka aadmi.’ She also stated that he didn’t do anything around the house and that he shouldn’t be ordering her about.

When Ali informed her that he had finished emptying and cleaning the dustbins, she suggested that he clean them by licking them next time.
A verbal squabble erupted between them. In the course of the argument, Ali referred to Azma’s mouth as a “gutter.” In response to this, she said that she doesn’t want to disrespect “Uncles.”

Ali and Azma continued repeating the phrases “gutter mouth” and “buddha” for each other. Then Ali said to her, “Mujhe age shaming se fark nahi padta. Main aur Kangana ek age ke hain.”

In reply to this, Azma then clarified, “I did not say this because of your age, I said so because of the way you walk.”

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