Lock Upp: After Munawar Faruqui and Kangana Ranaut, Saisha Shinde also reveals of being sexually assaulted as a child

Saisha Shinde reveals that she was sexually assaulted at a young age like Munawar Faruqui and Kangana Ranaut.


The reality programme ‘Lock Upp,’ presented by Kangana Ranaut, continues to make headlines for its shocking material. In order to save themselves, many contestants have disclosed their dark and terrible past secrets in previous episodes and in the recent episodes too. Munawar Faruqui, one of the show’s most widely discussed contestants, and show’s host Kangana Ranaut revealed their painful childhood experiences.

Now Saisha shared her own story, revealing that she had also been sexually assaulted as a youngster. She said, “This was my first secret. After listening to you both sharing all these, and Munawar talking about how people reacted when he shared it with them, I was reminded of my own experience.”

She added, “The few people whom I told about it, said to me ‘this is why you are so much into sex, this is why you are gay.’ Uske baad kisi ko batane ki himmat bhi nahi hui.”

Saisha Shinde, who had been eliminated for a few days, returned to the show and has been generating news for a variety of reasons. She was formerly known as Swapnil Shinde in the fashion and entertainment industries until coming out as transgender and renaming herself Saisha in January 2021.

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