Lock Upp: A disturbing fight breaks out between Mandana Karimi and Payal Rohatgi; Former says, “Yoga karte karte maar ja”

An argument erupted between Mandana Karimi and Payal Rohatgi, Payal calls Mandana ‘A dirt lady,’ ‘Uneducated and illiterate women.’

In the latest episode of the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ a huge argument erupted between Payal Rohatgi and Mandana Karimi, both contestants have not been on good terms with each other for the past few days as their ideologies do not match and both tends to get into ego clashes while talking to one another.

Payal Rohatgi explained to the other Co-contestants how when she was doing yoga, Mandana said to her, “Yoga karti karti maar ja”
Hearing Payal say this Mandana was quick to deny saying any such statement, she said,” this doesn’t even sound like my Hindi.”


Payal is then seen calling Mandana ‘A dirty lady,’ ‘Budgi toh dhutno mai hai,’ Uneducated- illiterate women.” Mandana tells Payal that people has kept her in the house because she is a piece of garbage. Berating Mandana call her a ‘loser’ again and again makes Payal bring the point where Mandana left the show after having an argument with the Jailor, Karan Kundrra. She tells her why did you return after leaving the show.

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