Navarasa’s release on the platform leads to a Twitter trend overhaul #BanNetflix

#BanNetflix trends on Twitter after the poster release of Navarasa.


Mani Ratnam’s Navrasa which was released on August 6 started a new Twitter trend called #BanNetflix.

The netizens expressed their views on the movie without any filters, sharing their mostly mixed reviews on social media platforms.

The movie was accused of hurting religious sentiments as the Raza Academy organisation demanded strict action against Netflix for using a verse from Quran for the film’s promotion in Daily Thanthi, a Tamil Newspaper.

The enraged organisation took it to Twitter and called out the streaming platform tagging Netflix along with the hashtag #BanNetflix right beside it.

Many netizens took note of the tweet and retweeted it on their own walls and soon the tag started trending on the microblogging site.

Questions and confirmations started to surround the film and the choices made by its marketing agencies.

The netizens had demands regarding the removal of the poster from everywhere as soon as possible.

The poster is of director Rathindran R Prasad who’s doing a debut with the episode titled Inmai.

Siddhartha and Parvathi Thiruvonthu are in the leading roles.

Navrasa, produced by Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Panchapakesan is a nine-film anthology.

The movie depicts nine human emotions namely romance, valour, compassion, laughter, peace, wonder, disguise, fear and anger.