MXPlayer’s Balli Vs Birju Fame Actor Nishant Sharma Can’t Stop Praising Director Aarun Nagar, “Sir Was Always There When I Needed Support”

MXPlayer’s Balli Vs Birju Fame Actor Nishant Sharma Can’t Stop Praising Director Aarun Nagar, “Sir Was Always There For Me When I Needed Support”


TV shows Kaleerein and Naagin fame Nishant Sharma is one of the hardest working actors in Tellydom. When he came down to the city of dreams Mumbai, all he had were his own hopes of making it big in the industry and little by little his endeavors have reaped a huge result. You read that correctly. A middle-class boy from Agra, Uttar Pradesh has finally found his ground in this rat race of glitz, glamour, and passion.

Well, it is not just the effort that one puts in, a lot of the credit also goes to one’s luck and the promptness of being at the right place at the right time. Not to forget the association with the right kind of people. And seemingly, Sharma kind of got it just right. He has managed to grab a foothold on the slippery surface of the tinsel town without any godfather in the television industry. And slowly albeit steadily he is also slithering his way to the big screen!

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door actor found his mentor in director Aarun Nagar who according to Sharma has guided him on the right path and helped him climb the ladder towards his ambition one step at a time. Nishant was an integral part of Balli Vs Birju that is currently streaming on MXPlayer directed by Nagar. Not just this, Nagar had earlier directed Nishant in Gurjar Aandolan (A fight for Right) & Risknaama. Speaking about his association with director Aarun Nagar, Nishant says, “Sir has been very encouraging towards me and he has made sure he always was there for me when I needed a support system. I have been part of three films that he has directed and I have always learned a lot.”

Nishant further went on to state that he will forever be thankful to Nagar for being so kind and benevolent towards him, “Aarun sir is one of the best directors in the industry, I will always be thankful to him for me giving me these opportunities, I really value the insights and guidance he provided to me at every juncture. I truly appreciate the confidence he showed in me and for being so helpful.”

We at BusinessUpturn feel, it is indeed heartening to see that amidst all the name-calling and controversies that Bollywood courts, there are people like Aarun Nagar who are kind and supportive to new talent. Nishant can be seen in Nagar’s newest web film Balli Vs Birju and he is also currently shooting for an all-new web series tentatively titled “Mirror”. We hope to see more of the new budding actor and wish him all the success in the days to come.