Taliban Controlled Afghanistan: Afghan Singer Aryana Sayeed Recalls Her ‘heartbreaking’ Kabul Airport Escape

Afghan singer, Aryana Sayeed, recalls her experience of escaping Taliban controlled Afghanistan.


Aryana Sayeed, Afghan Pop-Star, who recently managed to flee from the country, recalled her experience of ‘absolute chaos’ at the Kabul airport.

Several images and videos since the insurgence in Afghanistan have shaken the world to its core; Brutal force used on protestors, Women being harrowed for smallest of things, people asking for help to media personnel’s and showing their documents and certificates to have a slim chance to escape the country.

Aryana Sayeed calls herself ‘lucky’ that she had a UK passport and was able to flee the country. During her 24th August interview with NDTV she recalled her ‘heartbreaking’ experience of ‘absolute chaos and people pleading to get out of the country’.

“The day I had the flight out of Kabul, the Taliban were already all over the place. It was horrifying to see thousands rush to the airport… There was absolute chaos at the airport. Children were crying, people piled on top of each other. There was no space, no air to breathe. It was heartbreaking” Ms. Sayeed said describing the scene of her escape.

She also remembered a woman with a baby in her hand rushing towards her as she was about to board the plane, “She was screaming and crying and she gave me the baby, as I was about to go inside, asking me to take the baby with me.”

“But I thought how can I separate a baby from its mother? I asked the soldier if we can take both of them with us. But, unfortunately, the soldiers could not,” she said, crying and adding that she than handed the baby back to the mother.

Taliban has made many promises, the group’s spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said last week that women will have rights but stressed at every point that it will be in accordance with Islamic Law.

Over the future prospect of women under Taliban law, The singer said, “I do not believe the Taliban. I am sure they will go back to reality and who they are. I hope the world can hold them accountable for what they are saying, In the hands of Taliban, there will be no future for Afghan women.”

With teary eyes she also said that she is, “disappointed because Afghanistan has been let down by the world.” She also added by the end of the interview that, “India is completely opposite to Pakistan for us. Pakistan is trying to spread terrorism in Afghan while India is helping bring peace, harmony and love.”

India has so far evacuated 800 people from unstable conditions of Taliban held Afghanistan.