Kwon Eun Bi’s solo album drops this August

Kwon Eun Bi former IZ*ONE memeber is on her way to drop her solo album near the end of August.

Kwon Eun Bi is on her way to drop her solo album near the end of August, retiring from her former group IZ*ONE and launching her solo career in the industry.

Right now, while she’s working for the album jacket , wrapping up her shoots, she is also involved in the process of her independent intentions to shoot the new upcoming album.


Kwon Eun Bi, the eldest member of IZ*ONE lead the team and won everyone over through her on and off stage humane charm and character.

On Aug 5, Woollim Entertainment, Kwon Eun Bi’s agency announced that she would be releasing her solo album soon at the end of this month and is in the midst of finishing the work for it.

The Star-News coverage confirmed the release of the artist’s solo album creating a buzz among the fans as they expect a lot from their favourite Kwon Eun Bi, who has already left them in awe of her talent, voice, ethereal energy and immaculate dance skills.

The new album is attracting a huge amount of attention as her first break in the independent industry considering IZ*ONE’s disbandment.

IZ*ONE, adored in both Korea and Japan, built through Mnet’s ‘Produce 48′ disbanded on April 29 after their 2 years and 6 months-long journeys.

The post disbandment attempts to reunite such as units prove to fail. Keeping this in mind the artist’s solo debut raises a lot of expectations for the entertainer.

Meanwhile, you can catch Kwon Eun Bi making an appearance on the ‘ T-cast Fashion N channel, Follow me – Sincerely Your Taste’.