Jiya Shankar & Abhishek Malhan’s Music Video ‘Judaiyaan’ is now Trending on YouTube at no. 1

The chemistry between Abhishek Malhan and Jiya Shankar in the ‘Judaiyaan’ teaser is breaking the internet.

Abhishek Malhan and Jiya Shankar’s recent popular Jodi is smashing the internet. They met while filming Bigg Boss OTT 2. The platform is well-known for producing excellent Jodi’s. This season, celebrate ‘AbhiYa,’ aka Abhishek and Jiya.


Inside the Bigg Boss house, Abhishek and Jiya’s bond shone brightly. Fans and admirers are still not over these two after the show. Although Abhishek and Jiya are not in a relationship, their presence in the same frame is enough to set the screens on fire. Abhishek and Jiya will appear in the music video ‘Judaiyaan’ after Bigg Boss OTT 2.

The teaser for the song became viral, trending at number one on Youtube. This duo is expected to have a lengthy career. Judaiyaan is treat for eyes for Abhiya fans. ABHIYA fans want this jodi to continue to grace their screens. Their request will almost certainly be heard by decision-makers. Before that, don’t forget about Judaiyaan. Fans’ responses to Abhishek and Jiya’s fantastic chemistry are also shown.Abhishek is rumoured to host Lockk Upp 2 at work. Jiya Shankar could appear on Bigg Boss 17.