French EDM band Daft Punk spilt after 28 years

French EDM and Grammy winning duo Daft Punk have announced that they are splitting up after 28 years.

Grammy–winning duo Daft Punk have announced they are splitting up after 28 years. The duo is known for famous hits ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Instant Crush.’

The publicist of the duo – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter — officially confirmed the duo’s retirement, but declined to provide further details.

The duo took to their YouTube channel to release an eight minute long video ‘Epilogue.’ The video features the duo walking around the desert, in their familiar metallic space helmets and leather jackets.

Following the spilts after almost three decades together, fans all over the world and international singers took to their social media handles and thanked the duo for their music.

Pharrell Williams who has worked with the duo on ‘Get Lucky’ called them ‘Forever Legends.’