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Doja Cat’s new song ‘Demon’ is out; Watch now

Following the blistering singles ‘Attention’ and ‘Paint the Town Red,’ whose accompanying video practically accompanies Doja to hell, ‘Demon’ is the third preview of her upcoming album. Both songs were Billboard Hot 100 hits.


Doja Cat released her new single ‘Demon’. Christina Ricci, the Nineties scream queen, will help Doja Cat’s new track “Demons” be released on Friday as part of her newest demon-unleashing performance.

The accompanying music video, like Doja’s recent works, is a magnificent stretch of the macabre with historic allusions to 1982’s Poltergeist and that one iconic, truly horrific bathtub scene from The Shining. The unfortunate new homeowner who discovers her new residence is haunted by a demonic and bejewelled Doja is played by Ricci, who has previously played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, Katrina van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow, Samantha Hanratty in Yellowjackets, and Wednesday’s Marilyn Thornhill.

On Wednesday, the rapper teased the tune with a teaser narrated by a voice similar to Donald LeRoi LaFontaine’s, promising “a haunting tale from the twisted minds of Doja Cat and Christian Breslauer.”

Doja Cat confirmed the Sept. 22 release date for her highly anticipated new album Scarlet earlier this week. The sequel to her successful 2021 project Planet Her also features fresh cover art of a dangling spider staring down a drop of blood. The artwork was quickly removed after comparisons were drawn to another cover by German metal band Chaver, which also featured a spider, was designed by Portland artist Dusty Ray, and was released on the same day.