BTS: J-Hope calls Jimin ‘Super Saiyan’, leaving Jimin in splits

In the recent video of BTS, the members enjoy naming each other. The video goes viral. Watch here.

Korean band BTS member J-Hope during the photoshoot of their track Butter, filmed another member, Jimin. Recently released Bangtan Bomb video on Tuesday, J-Hope called Jimin a Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan, which is a part of the Dragon Ball universe, is a transformation that is linked to the genes of the Saiyan race.


For the shoot, Jimin was seen wearing a multi-coloured spiked hairdo. The video was seen starting with J-Hope asking Jimin, “Oh, are you a Super Saiyan?”, while leaving Jimin in splits.

For his solo shoot, J-Hope later began recording Jimin while the latter was posed and ready for his shoot. In the recording, it was being seen Jimin trying to block J-Hope’s filming with his hand. While Jimin posed sideways, J-Hope commented on his look, saying, “Your hair looks good with your head down like that.”

“Oh you look like Super Saiyan, great”, J-Hope was heard complimenting Jimin. Right after hearing this, Jimin showed him a finger heart. While the video continued rolling, J-Hope was also sen seeking help, asking, “How do I zoom in?”

BTS, which comprises RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook, released their single Butter earlier this year. Being the longest-reigning No.1 Billboard Hot 100 song for the year 2021, it also stayed at the summit for nine weeks.