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Armaan Malik shares video of Dreamy Proposal to Aashna Shroff; Watch

Armaan Malik and Aashna Shroff made their relationship official earlier this week by sharing dreamy photos from their proposal. The recently engaged couple has now resorted to Instagram to share a candid video from “the most beautiful day of their lives.” The artist uploaded the whole video to YouTube of his love song for Aashna, Kasam Se – The Proposal.


“Kasam Se is a musical love letter to my better half,” singer Armaan Malik wrote alongside the music video. A tribute to our love story. It’s a promise to her that no matter what happens, I’ll always be there to hold her hand through it all. There’s no turning back once you’ve found your soulmate, your forever person. Aashna is the most special person in my life, and I consider myself tremendously fortunate to be able to spend the rest of my life with her. “Here’s to our eternal love!”

The video begins with an eager Armaan telling the camera, “I can’t wait because she has no idea!” Let’s get started.” Armaan claimed that the video was taken two months ago when he dropped down on one knee and proposed to his six-year girlfriend.

The video then showed the couple inside a car while on vacation in another country. Armaan wore a white suit, while Aashna, a fashion blogger, wore a white dress decorated with red and pink flowers.

Armaan was then seen serenading his now-fiancee as she stood in front of him, tears streaming down her cheeks. He sang an original song, Kasam Se, while playing the guitar. He then dropped down on one knee and proposed to Aashna. She, in turn, got down on her knee and kissed him.

The movie then showed scenes from the couple’s proposal photoshoot, with them hugging and kissing. In the video, Aashna also showed off her massive diamond ring while posing alongside Armaan. Their relatives and friends later joined them. The film concluded with vintage footage of the pair throughout the years.