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Zwigato in Cinemas now – audience disappointed with the film


Kapil Sharma who is a household name in India is well known for his comedy. After receiving success and love from fans he stepped into the field of acting and had acted in lead roles in few movies. His new film “Zwigato” is now in cinemas, but it looks like it did not meet audience’s expectations. The movie has recieved 7.8/10 stars on IMDb.

Nandita Das’ third directorial effort, “Zwigato,” starring Kapil Sharma, opened to a shockingly negative reception on Friday. “Zwigato” only managed to collect Rs 42 lakh across the country on its opening day, despite receiving praise from critics for its lack of audience appeal inside movie theaters. This is a record-low collection day for Sharma’s drama, which is about a food delivery partner who struggles with the rising pressure of the platform and the high cost of living in a big city.

The film also stars Shahana Goswami, who portrays Kapil’s wife in the film. Trade expert Taran Adarsh shared the box office numbers on Saturday. In “Zwigato,” Goswami’s character works as a masseuse to provide financial support for her family while her husband struggles to make ends meet.


Sharma has gained a deeper appreciation for the difficult lives of delivery boys as a result of his role in the film and his experience seeing the world through the eyes of food delivery executives.

In a promotion event Kapil Sharma said, ” I understood how difficult the struggles of delivery boys can be, especially after doing this film. This movie made me realise the challenges that delivery boys face on a daily basis, and I have learned to appreciate their hard work and dedication even more. I am not saying tip them, but I am just saying that we can at least say a thank you with respect and that will make them happy.”

But viewers felt that Kapil Sharma failed to portray this empathy in film.