Shah Rukh Khan’s unofficial confirmation of ‘King’ leaves fans excited

Fans of Shah Rukh Khan eagerly await the announcement of his upcoming flick. So, did he just confirm that his next film is King?

Shah Rukh Khan is the king and always will be! He took a hiatus after Zero, but he returned with a bang. In 2023, he returned to the big screen with Pathaan, breaking every record he could.

Then followed Jawan, directed by Atlee, which became the highest-grossing picture ever. 2023 concluded with Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, leaving his fans with joyful memories.


After three great movies, fans are asking what comes next. According to speculations, Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film will be titled King.

Shah Rukh Khan has yet to formally announce his next project, but there is widespread speculation that he will begin production on it soon. During one of the IPL 2024 matches, Shah Rukh Khan said that he will begin shooting for his next film in June-July when the season concludes.

Now, many believe Shah Rukh Khan has implicitly confirmed his upcoming film, King. A video of King Khan went viral on social media, and hawk-eyed followers discovered a note on a table next to him. Whether it surprised you or not, it said KING.

Is this implying that the title of his next film is almost confirmed? The film shows Shah Rukh Khan thanking Santosh Sivan on winning an award at Cannes 2024.

According to multiple rumours, Suhana Khan is set to appear in Shah Rukh Khan’s King. It is claimed that SRK would return to the screen as Don, playing a character with grey tones. Given SRK’s winning record, King is likely to be a huge success. We, like many SRKians, are waiting for the big official announcement.