“All the action scenes of RRR will make the Audience go crazy” reveals Jr NTR

Jr NTR also revealed in an all-tell interview that RRR was never taken into account in an OTT release. He wishes that matters will finally be resolved and the viewer returns to the theater to enjoy movies.

A highly awaited Pan-India film, which the public looks forward to, is SS Rajamouli’s RRR with Jr NTR in the leading roles. The RRR’s all eyes, because filmmakers can’t wait to see what they are looking for. The mega-budget Telugu film has made the right noise since it was launched and Jr NTR has taken everybody’s eyeballs in the new RRR interview. RRR would drive the audience out of its seats. It’ll be so great!

“I really can’t tell you anything more, if Rajamouli reads this interview, and he’s definitely going to read it, he’s going to run behind me with an axe. Every action sequence of RRR has been designed to make the audience go, ‘wow’, and to push them off their seats. I can’t reveal more.” He said during the inetview. The Tollywood actor also discussed his rigorous training routine, which lasted 18 months before the lockdown.


He was quoted as saying, “I was put on a hectic training program for about 18 months. I had to achieve the right physical appearance. I was 71 kilos before that for another film, and I had to gain about nine kilos of muscle mass.”

Jr NTR disclosed in an all-tell interview that RRR was never considered for an OTT release. He wishes that things will calm down quickly and that people will return to the theaters to watch movies.