Adivi Sesh reveals ’Goodachari’ sequel’s delay is somewhat his fault

Adivi Sesh is frequently barraged with questions about a sequel of his spy thriller movie ‘Goodachari’ which was released in 2018.


Telugu actor Adivi Sesh has returned to shooting for his forthcoming biographical film ‘Major’, coming next  he will weigh on the action thriller movie ‘Hit 2’ and ultimately proceed to ‘Goodachari 2’.

In the recent interaction with IANS, the 35-year-old actor said, “I don’t think I have done a romantic film ever because even ‘Ami Thumi’ is like an ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’, a slapstick comedy, and it was fun. As an audience, I really enjoy watching deep-layered love stories. I was never a fan of the candyfloss kind of love stories. For me, the greatest love story of all time is Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan ji’s love story in ‘Sholay’, more than the Hema Malini-Dharmedra ji’s love story. I am just waiting for that beautiful love story to come and entice my heart.”

The actor is frequently bombed with questions about a sequel of his spy thriller movie ‘Goodachari’ which was released in 2018. Sesh explained that the delay is somewhat his fault. “I think in some way it is my fault because originally I was going to do ‘Goodachari 2’ immediately after ‘Goodachari’ and I changed my mind because I needed a little time away from that universe, to get a fresh perspective,” the actor confessed.

Further, he added, “When I got the dream project ‘Major’ that, combined with the pandemic, created a bigger delay on ‘Goodachari 2’ but that was not intended. We have our core story finished. The moment I finish the shoot of ‘Major’, I will be dedicated towards putting together a good script and screenplay for ‘Goodachari 2’. So, if all things go well, we will start shooting at the end of the year.”

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