5 Best movies of Chris Pratt filled with action and drama

This is the list of the top and famous movies of the Guardians of Galaxy actor, Chris Pratt, which is filled with drama and action.

Chris Pratt is known not only for being a smart action hero but also for his great acting skills. He has been the part of many such amazing movies that are not only the highest-grossing ones but also loved worldwide. If you are a fan of Star-Lord, then we are here with a quick list of his 5 best movies.

Have a look at the curated list of top movies of Chris Pratt that are filled with action as well as drama.


Jurassic World

Pratt played the role of Owen Grady in this trilogy of Jurassic Park. His character was witty and loving, both at the same time. He was a retired Navy person but loved working with dinosaurs. His love-filled work takes a turn when the dinosaurs escape the island. He decides to save the island and also the people and Claire’s nephew. This movie takes you on an adventure for sure.

Zero Dark Thirty

This movie was based on the hunt mission for Osama Bin Laden. Chris played the role of Justin, which was inspired by the real-life Robert O’Neil. Other casts in the movie include Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton. This movie also ended up being the end-of-year top ten lists. So, the movie, the story, the plot, and the acting, everything is on point.


If you want to watch a simple, fun, and emotional movies, then this movie, which is an adaptation of a non-fiction book. The movie stars Brad Pitt, who plays the lead role of baseball team manager Billy Beane. Chris Pratt played the role of the first baseman, Scott Hatteberg. This movie was highly praised and did manage to be successful. This film also has great actors such as Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Wright.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Where to start about this movie? Marvel cast Chris Pratt as the Star-Lord, and it certainly was a great decision. He played the role with such ease. You will be irritated by him, but that’s how the character was written as. He saves the world by listening to music and dancing to it. Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, has become the leader of a group of the galactic superhero known as the Guardians. This movie has two parts, Volume 1 and Volume 2 and both the parts are super amazing.


Though Pratt isn’t playing the lead role in this movie, he does have an impactful performance. Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead role of the lonely letter writer, named Theodore and Pratt plays the role of his co-worker named Paul. This film received heaps of praise from critics as well as the audiences. Do watch this movie to enjoy a totally different kind of love.

These were some of the amazing performances by Chris Pratt that are binge-watch worthy.