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Seoul court dismisses FIFTY FIFTY’s contract suspension request against Attrakt

In a recent legal battle between K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY and their management company, Attrakt, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 50 has ruled against FIFTY FIFTY’s request to suspend their exclusive contracts with Attrakt.

FIFTY FIFTY had alleged multiple contract violations by Attrakt, citing the lack of transparent and faithful provision of settlement data, neglect of members’ physical and mental health care obligations, and insufficient support for their entertainment activities as primary reasons for their contract suspension request.


In response, Attrakt countered these allegations by claiming that external influences had attempted to entice the group’s members away from the company. FIFTY FIFTY’s legal representative strongly emphasized that the members had made independent decisions, with consultation and assistance from their parents, refuting Attrakt’s claims and accusing the management company of not properly addressing the contract violations, which they argued had damaged the members’ reputation.

The court’s decision to dismiss FIFTY FIFTY’s request means that the exclusive contracts between the group and Attrakt remain in effect. This ruling concludes a chapter in the ongoing dispute between the K-pop group and their management company, leaving both parties to navigate their professional relationship in the wake of this legal battle.