Kim Hieora’s apperance in ‘SNL Korea’ is cancelled due to accusation of school bullying

Coupang Play stated in a post on September 6 that SNL Korea’s episode with The Glory and The Uncanny Counter 2 star Kim Hieora had been cancelled. The programme was intended to air on September 9, but they opted not to because of the bullying charges. She was approached to host an episode of SNL Korea following the conclusion of The Uncanny Counter 2.

A South Korean news organisation published a detailed piece on her past as a student. Kim Hieora, according to the investigation, was a member of the Big Sanji clique of S Girls’ Middle School in Wonju, Gangwon, which was known for blackmail, assault, and verbal attacks. Massive Sanji is notorious for harassing younger pupils at their cost for entertainment, and the story included images of the actor as a member of the massive gang. According to a source, Kim Hieora would extort money from victims for cigarettes, booze, and karaoke rooms and was tenacious in her chase of money. She also stole money from a younger student to give to one of the group’s elder members to demonstrate how good she is at what she does.


The Glory singer admitted to being a member of the Iljin (Korean slang for a bully or someone who harasses others) gang, but claimed she had never participated in any form of violence. She claimed she had never hit anyone.

However, she realises that this does not imply that she is unconcerned and pretends to be a bystander. Kim Hieora also stated that due of her white colouring, brown eyes, and unusual name, she was either the centre of attention or an outsider. Finally, it made sense for her to get tougher so she wouldn’t be taunted. When asked about her role in The Glory, she apologised for not talking about her history and stated that she was only looking out for herself.