From “UNICEF’s campaign” to “supporting LGBTQ+” , here’s a list of 7 instances where BTS made an impact and difference beyond the music

In the world of popular culture, some artists go beyond making music to become change agents. BTS, a South Korean septet that has taken the globe by storm with its music, choreography, and deep impact beyond the music industry, is one such group.

This article looks into 7 impacts that demonstrate how BTS is more than simply a musical powerhouse, but also a force for good in the globe.


1) UNICEF’s “Love Myself” Campaign
BTS worked with UNICEF on the “Love Myself” campaign to eliminate abuse against children and teenagers in 2017. BTS pushed for a world free of fear and violence for young people through this effort. The band didn’t only talk about it, they also promised to give 3% of their album “Love Yourself: Her” and single “Love Myself” sales to UNICEF’s campaign.

2) Addressing Mental Health with “Love Yourself” Series
UNICEF and BTS celebrate success of 'groundbreaking' LOVE MYSELF campaign

BTS took a risk by tackling mental health concerns head-on in their “Love Yourself” series. With songs like “Magic Shop” and “Answer – Love Myself,” the band encouraged fans to accept their flaws and promote self-love. This series became a light of hope for people all across the world, encouraging frank discussions on mental health.

3) COVID-19 Relief Efforts
3 members of K-pop sensation BTS diagnosed with Covid-19
BTS gave $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement and another $1 million to COVID-19 relief operations when the epidemic hit in 2020. Their commitment was more than simply monetary; it motivated their fans to join the fight against racial injustice and the epidemic.

4) Encouraging Youth Empowerment at the United Nations
BTS rocks the U.N. with words of encouragement
BTS became the first K-pop group to address the United Nations in 2018. RM, the group’s frontman, delivered an inspiring address at the opening of UNICEF’s “Generation Unlimited” partnership, encouraging young people to stand up and embrace their individuality. BTS’s participation in such worldwide initiatives demonstrates its dedication to empowering the future generation.

5) Breaking Cultural Barriers at the Billboard Music Awards
K-Pop BTS Members Shatter Stereotypes and Make History
BTS’s breakthrough success in the Western music business destroyed conventional preconceptions about linguistic and cultural barriers. The trio demonstrated that music transcends borders by winning the Top Social Artist title at the Billboard Music Awards for four consecutive years (2017-2020). Their acceptance speeches frequently emphasize unity, thankfulness, and the value of preserving one’s identity.

6) Promoting Environmental Responsibility

Samsung and BTS raise environmental awareness in a new video - SamMobile
BTS is more than simply a musical force, they are also environmental activists. BTS initiated the “Green Project” in collaboration with the Korean Ministry of Environment to raise awareness about climate change and promote sustainable activities. They inspire millions of fans to embrace eco-friendly behaviors for a brighter future through their influence.

7) Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

Does BTS support the LGBT+ community? - Quora
BTS is a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, emphasizing the significance of love and integration. BTS has become an advocate for people organizing for equality and inclusiveness, whether through subtle references in their music or direct statements of support, building a sense of belonging among followers regardless of their sexual orientation.