From “MelOn Music Awards” to “Grammy Awards” 6 unforgettable Blackpink Red carpet looks

Enter the glittery world of Blackpink’s red carpet trip, where K-pop collides with high fashion. Join us as we examine 6 breathtaking moments that characterize Blackpink as not just music royalty but also unparalleled fashion stars, from their famous MelOn Music Awards debut in 2016 to the worldwide stage of the Met Gala in 2019, and the front row of Paris Fashion Week. Relive their stunning adventures, from nostalgic glamour at the Gaon Chart Music Awards to street-style extravaganza at the MTV Video Music Awards, leading up to their historic participation at the Grammy Awards in 2021. Witness Blackpink’s red carpet development, as each public appearance becomes a timeless fashion statement.

Blackpink has emerged as a leading force in the beautiful world of K-pop, where elegance meets talent and personality. Each public appearance becomes a fashion statement, and Blackpink has left an everlasting stamp on the world of fashion time and again.

Join us on a fashionable trip through 6 amazing Blackpink red carpet groups that wowed both hearts and cameras.


1) MelOn Music Awards 2016
BLACKPINK Win the “Best New Artist” Award at the 2016 Melon Music Awards – BLACKPINK CAFÉ

At the MelOn Music Awards in 2016, Blackpink made an entrance that would set the tone for their future red carpet slays. Each member, dressed in stylish monochromatic costumes, exhibited uniqueness while maintaining an appealing group look. They seamlessly staked their territory on the red carpet with a perfect blend of refinement and edge, leaving fans and fashion enthusiasts in amazement.

2) Met Gala 2019
행복지수 103% | Met gala 2019, Met gala, Gala
While not everyone has the opportunity to attend the Met Gala, Blackpink took advantage of the occasion and demonstrated its global star power in 2019. Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo walked the pink carpet in designer gowns that effortlessly merged classic elegance with modern flair. Their Met Gala performance was a visual spectacle that established Blackpink’s position as a worldwide fashion star.

3) Paris Fashion Week 2020
Blackpink At Paris Fashion Week: See The Photos | Billboard – Billboard
With their exquisite flair, Blackpink was invited to the front row of Paris Fashion Week. The bandmates seamlessly combined high fashion with their own personal tastes, taking the red carpet to new heights. The world took note when Blackpink demonstrated that they were not only K-pop royalty but also worldwide fashion icons.

4) Gaon Chart Music Awards 2020
Group Photo] BLACKPINK at Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019
Blackpink embraced retro glamour at the Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2020, adopting clothes inspired by Hollywood’s golden period. Their red carpet designs took spectators to a previous period while preserving a modern twist, from vintage-inspired silhouettes to classic accessories. The group was a fantastic fit for the event’s celebration of music, flair, and talent.

5) MTV Video Music Awards 2020
BLACKPINK wins the night at MTV Video Music Awards in glam looks, debuts with Pink Venom performance: Pics, videos | Fashion Trends - Hindustan Times

In 2020, Blackpink proved its flexibility by storming the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet with a street-style spectacle. The group, dressed in vibrant and dynamic combinations, perfectly merged high fashion with streetwear, demonstrating their ability to own any style with confidence and flair.

6) Grammy Awards 2021
Grammy Experts Explain How BLACKPINK Could Score A Nomination Next Year - Koreaboo

Blackpink made history as the first K-pop girl group to perform on the Grammy Awards stage, and they also made an impression on the red carpet. In their beautiful outfits, the members flowed timeless elegance as they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with global music superstars. Their Grammy performance demonstrated Blackpink’s transcending appeal in both music and fashion.