BTS’ Suga goes live before heading to Military; bids emotional goodbye

Suga, the singer for BTS, used the online fan forum Weverse to communicate with his followers one more time before beginning his compulsory military service. He will start working on September 22. Suga discussed his plans and advised followers to wait till 2025 in the live broadcast. During the live stream, J-Hope and Jin, who are currently serving in the military, gave a delightful surprise.

Suga made his live hair debut while wearing a white t-shirt and a checkered shirt. Suga has maintained a low profile ever since his Agust D tour was over in Seoul. He explained that he had been spending time with his family and other BTS members when asked where he had been all this time.


He told fans, “Hello, it’s nice to see you. It’s me, Suga. I cut my hair a bit.” “My hair is very short, right? I can’t get used to it too. The staff could not recognise me,”He said, “Then Taehyung’s album came out and I didn’t want to distract from that. And I was with the members and the next thing I knew, a month went by!”

Suga stated that even though he will be gone for a long, he has filmed a lot of content to entertain the BTS ARMY. The musician is also well-known for the well-liked alcohol-themed YouTube series Suchwita. V, a member of BTS, was both the final guest and BTS member to participate on the show. “I can’t do Suchwita anymore. But I filmed a lot! Please look forward to it.”

Talking about his tour Agust D during his 20-minute live, he said, “After the concert, I was only resting for about 2 weeks cause I had a body pain. So I was resting a lot. I spent the remaining time with my family.” He also shared that he wishes to have more shows for his fans, but need to fulfil his responsibilities as a citizen first. He said, “I wanted to do more tours but I didn’t have the time to.” “It’s a pity that I will not be able to do anything in the next 2 years.”

I’d be lying if I say I’ll return soon. So let’s meet in 2025.” “There’s no need to cry. We said we will meet again in 2025, right? We promised right!? 2025. Let’s see each other in 2025. Bye,” he signed off.