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5 highest paid K-drama actors of 2022; From Kim Soo-hyun to Jun Ji-hyun

Below is the list of highest paid Korean drama actors of 2022.

Millions of people all around the world are glued to Korean television, binge-watching one drama after another. In fact, some of the biggest names in entertainment have emerged as a result of the phenomenal success of Korean dramas. The actors are not just limited to television; they also leave their stamp on hugely popular movies as well. Which at times makes one wonder, about payment an actor is taking home with them after a successful project.

Here’s a list of highest paid K-drama actors of 2022:

Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun is one of the most well-known figures in the Korean drama industry and the recipient of two Grand Bell Awards. He was the highest-paid K-drama actor in 2021 after starring in One Ordinary Day, the Korean adaptation of the popular BBC series Criminal Justice. The hit show paid him almost USD 423,000 each episode. In addition to this, the actor was paid an estimated USD 155,000 each episode for his endearing portrayal in the well-received It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020).

Lee Jung-jae

Although more well-known as a movie actress, Lee became an international sensation in 2021 because to Squid Game on Netflix. He became the first Korean to win the best actor prizes at the Critics’ Choice, Screen Actors Guild, and Primetime Emmy Awards thanks to the show’s enormous popularity and his outstanding performance. The nine-episode drama reportedly made Lee USD 248,000 per episode. Netflix has confirmed that he will repeat his part in the second season of the show.

Song Joong-ki

The South Korean actor has gained worldwide fame among K-drama lovers in a little more than ten years. He became well-known worldwide for his role as a South Korean special forces soldier in the wildly popular Descendants of the Sun (2016). The actor recently experienced critical and financial success with Vincenzo on Netflix (2021) wherein he was reportedly paid roughly USD 170,000 each episode, making him one of the highest-paid Korean actors, The following year, Song also starred in the grand sci-fi Netflix film, Space Sweepers wowing the fans with his performance.

Song Hye-kyo

Song is one of the best actors of her time and an eternal beauty. She is best known for costarring with Song Joong-ki in the movie Descendants of the Sun (2016). She made a cameo in the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up in 2021. She earned somewhere in the range of USD 160,000 per episode, making her joint-highest paid television actress in her nation with Jun Ji-hyun, according to Hankook Ilbo, The Korea Times’ sister publication.

In addition to her professional career, Song represents luxury clothing companies like Bottega Veneta. According to sources, her expected fees for sponsored Instagram posts and product endorsements in 2021 will be roughly USD 760,000 and USD 460,000, respectively.

Jun Ji-hyun

One of the most well-known figures in Korean entertainment is Jun, also known as Gianna Jun.  She was most recently seen in international audiences as the tough Ashin in Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2020-21), the sidequel to the critically successful Netflix horror-thriller Kingdom (2019–).

Jun, the first Korean ambassador for luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen, is widely regarded with putting Korean entertainment on the map with the classic love film My Sassy Girl (2001), for which she received her first Grand Bell Award for Best Actress.

She portrayed a park ranger in the TV series Jirisan in 2021. Hankook Ilbo reported that Jun earned about USD 160,000 per episode for the programme.