Hugh Grant settles lawsuit against Murdoch’s Sun tabloid: Inside the $10 million decision

British actor Hugh Grant has reached a settlement in his lawsuit against News Group Newspapers (NGN), the publisher of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid, The Sun. Grant’s legal action, alongside Prince Harry, alleged unlawful information gathering, including phone tapping and burglary, by journalists at The Sun. The settlement, announced Wednesday, sheds light on Grant’s pursuit for justice amidst the backdrop of a long-standing battle against press intrusion.

Famous for his roles in iconic films like Love Actually and Notting Hill, Hugh Grant has also gained attention for his activism in press reform, particularly since the phone-hacking scandal rocked the media landscape over a decade ago. Grant, along with Prince Harry, took legal action against NGN, aiming to expose the alleged misconduct within The Sun’s ranks. Despite the prospect of a trial, Grant opted for a settlement, citing the substantial financial risk associated with pursuing the case to court.


In a candid post on social media, Grant revealed the dilemma he faced, highlighting the immense legal costs that would arise even in the event of a successful trial outcome. With NGN offering a significant sum to avoid court proceedings, Grant weighed the financial implications of potential legal fees, expressing reluctance to bear the burden of expenses exceeding £10 million. This decision underscores the complex realities of seeking justice against powerful media entities.

While the settlement resolves Grant’s lawsuit against The Sun, it raises questions about NGN’s longstanding denial of wrongdoing and its implications for future legal battles. Grant’s decision to settle may impact the trajectory of other ongoing cases against NGN, including Prince Harry’s lawsuit, which continues to challenge press practices. The settlement also amplifies discussions surrounding media accountability and the pursuit of justice in an era of heightened scrutiny.

Despite the settlement, Grant remains committed to the cause of press reform, vowing to allocate the settlement funds towards advocacy groups like Hacked Off. His unwavering dedication reflects a broader effort to hold media organizations accountable for ethical breaches and to safeguard individuals’ privacy rights in the face of intrusive practices.