Who will be the next lead in ‘Bridgerton?’

Fans eagerly anticipating the second half of Bridgerton Season 3 have plenty to look forward to—from resolving the Lady Whistledown mystery and the potential pregnancy announcement by Kate and Anthony, to the blossoming romance between Francesca and John Stirling. But the real buzz surrounds hints about which Bridgerton sibling will take center stage next.

Season 1 ended with a little bee hint signaling that Anthony’s story was up next. Season 2 set the stage for Penelope and Colin’s reconciliation. Now, all signs point to Season 4 finally being Benedict’s time to shine.


Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton in Bridgerton

In the Season 3 finale, Benedict bids farewell to his sister Eloise, who is off to Scotland with newlyweds Francesca and John Kilmartin. Eloise is taking a break from her usual haunts to find herself. In an attempt to console her, Benedict assures Eloise that they’ll definitely reunite at their mother’s famed masquerade ball, an event Lady Violet would never let her children miss.

This masquerade ball is a significant hint for book readers, as it’s where Benedict meets Sophie Beckett, his future wife, in a very Cinderella-esque moment. The ball mention was a clear and final hint, but the latter half of the season has also been sprinkled with character moments showing Benedict is ready for a big change—especially after discovering his own bisexuality thanks to Lady Tilley and Paul.

During a heartfelt chat with Eloise on the swings outside Bridgerton House, Benedict mentions feeling like the next thing he learns might change him entirely. Considering his recent conversation with Lady Tilley about not being ready for a serious relationship, it’s plausible that what’s next for Benedict is indeed the committed relationship he’s been avoiding.


What’s Next for Benedict?

Just because we expect Benedict to be the leading man of Season 4 doesn’t guarantee how his story will unfold. The show has made several changes to the original material—most of them for the better—so Benedict and Sophie’s story might also see some twists. How will Benedict’s newfound sexuality play into his storyline? Could Sophie be a man, similar to how Michael Stirling was adapted into Michaela Stirling?


John Stirling and Michaela Stirling in the final episode of Bridgerton Season 3

If I’m being honest, I’d love to see Benedict’s endgame be a throuple—including Sophie—since it’s rare to see such dynamics in mainstream TV. Given Benedict’s comfort in a throuple during Season 3, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. However, it might be a bit too much to ask. Regardless, we can expect the usual delightful amount of Bridgerton drama when we return to the ton in Season 4.