Which couple will Bridgerton season 4 spotlight?

In the aftermath of the release of the second part of Bridgerton Season 3 on Netflix, fans are buzzing with anticipation about what’s to come in Season 4. Here’s a breakdown of the theories and expectations for the upcoming season based on the series’ trajectory and the books it’s adapted from:


Focus on Benedict Bridgerton

In Season 3, viewers witnessed the conclusion of Penelope and Colin’s romance, leaving the door open for new narratives. Benedict Bridgerton, who has been exploring his identity and sexuality throughout the series, emerges as a central figure for Season 4. His storyline in the books suggests a romantic encounter at a masquerade ball, which was subtly hinted at in the show during Eloise’s conversation with him. This connection with the masquerade ball sets up Benedict’s journey to find love, potentially making it a focal point for the upcoming season.


Francesca and Eloise’s Storylines

Francesca Bridgerton, having married and relocated to Scotland with her husband Lord Kilmartin, is currently settled in her own narrative. Her future love interest, originally a male character in the books but adapted into Michaela Stirling (played by Masali Baduza) in the series, leaves room for potential exploration in later seasons rather than immediately in Season 4.

Eloise Bridgerton, on the other hand, is portrayed as independent-minded and not yet ready to delve into romantic pursuits. Her aspirations lie in expanding her horizons beyond the social confines of the ton, hinting at a different trajectory for her character development in future seasons.

Despite fans’ eagerness for more Bridgerton, the wait for Season 4 will be substantial. Showrunner Jess Brownell has confirmed that the show follows an approximately two-year production cycle due to the extensive filming, editing, and localization processes involved. Season 4’s script is nearing completion, promising to deliver a polished storyline before production commences. The exact premiere date remains unspecified, but the commitment to maintaining a high-quality production standard suggests fans will need to exercise patience until the series returns to screens.

As fans eagerly anticipate further developments in the Bridgerton universe, the focus on Benedict’s romantic journey in Season 4 promises to continue the series’ tradition of captivating storytelling and romantic intrigue set against the backdrop of Regency-era London.