When will ‘The Chosen’ season 4 debut on disney plus?

Fans of The Chosen have been on tenterhooks, eagerly anticipating the release of Season 4, which dives deeper into the ministry of Jesus. After a slight delay due to contractual matters, the release timeline has finally emerged. Season 4 is rolling out with a unique strategy: two episodes drop weekly on the show’s social media channels and The Chosen app. This staggered approach has captivated audiences, who eagerly tune in each week for the next installment. The season kicked off with Episode 1 on Sunday, June 2, and will culminate with the eighth and final episode premiering on Thursday, June 27.

Director and showrunner Dallas Jenkins recently shed light on the distribution plan, explaining that after its initial debut on The Chosen app, there will be a window—either 60 or 90 days—before Season 4 becomes available on mainstream streaming platforms. This ensures a dedicated period where fans can exclusively engage with the series on The Chosen app before it reaches a wider audience.


Moreover, Jenkins hinted at potential future changes in The Chosen’s streaming strategy. Discussions are underway about establishing an exclusive partnership with a major streaming platform. If realized, this could mean future seasons might debut exclusively on this platform after their initial release on The Chosen app, or even simultaneously.

While specifics are still being ironed out, Jenkins emphasized that Season 4 will definitely hit mainstream streaming platforms within the 60 to 90 day timeframe after its initial release on The Chosen app. This strategic approach aims to balance exclusivity with broader accessibility, catering to both die-hard fans and new viewers alike.


When will ‘The Chosen’ season 4 debut on disney plus?

Given that Episode 1 premiered on June 2 and the final Episode 8 is scheduled for June 27, Season 4 of The Chosen is expected to arrive on mainstream streaming platforms sometime between August and September 2024. The exact start of this window, whether from the release of Episode 1 or Episode 8, remains unspecified.

For viewers currently following the season, Episode 1 of Season 4 is accessible on The Chosen app and YouTube. Episode 6 is set to debut online at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 20, continuing the staggered release pattern that keeps fans eagerly engaged with each installment of the series.