‘Thought I was going to jail’: Cardi B reacts to Las Vegas mic-throw incident

Cardi B recently tossed her mic at a fan who threw a drink at her during a concert.

Cardi B has finally spoken out about the mic-throwing incident at her Las Vegas event. She stated she remained quiet about it at first because she was frightened of going to jail. “It was a really quick reaction,” the 30-year-old said in the interview, which aired on “The Breakfast Club” on Friday, according to aceshowbiz.com.

“And let me tell you – I didn’t want to address it because I thought a b***h gon’ go to jail. But I’m not. Let me tell you something: it was hot as f**k. That Vegas heat ain’t no joke. That s**t was hot. It was hotter than a muthaf**ka; so there was a part of the show where I told people, like, you know, ‘Splash me,’ ” she recalled.


“But even when I told them, ‘Splash me,’ I was like, ‘Be careful with the face. Because the face is beat, b***h.’ ” Cardi went on to elaborate, “So, four songs after – nobody had splashed me, I told y’all to splash me for one little second. So four songs after, which is, I don’t know, 15-20 minutes after, this b***h threw water and ice on my face.”

She then added, “So I just automatically reacted. When I looked back at the video (clips), I see that she intentionally threw that in my face. I felt very violated,” the wife of Offset further noted.