‘The Acolyte’: When will we learn about Jedi’s secret?

Showrunner Leslye Headland certainly knows how to crank up the suspense in her new Star Wars show, The Acolyte. But now that we’re at the halfway mark, fans are wondering: when will the series address the Jedi-sized elephant in the room? And will episode 4 finally give us some answers when it hits Disney+?

So far, The Acolyte has pulled off some jaw-dropping moments: killing off Carrie-Anne Moss, introducing the #YordHorde phenomenon, and stirring up controversy among Star Wars fans—all in just three 40-minute episodes! Let’s give a round of applause for that. While the series is still finding its footing on streaming, it’s clear that The Acolyte has some intriguing concepts at its core, like the murky line between “good” and “evil”—echoing the themes from George Lucas’ original and prequel trilogies.

This week, a fresh episode of The Acolyte has been bestowed upon us humble Disney+ subscribers, whisking us back to Mae and Osha’s (Amandla Stenberg) home planet of Brendock. Following its two-part premiere on June 4, The Acolyte, set in the largely unexplored High Republic era, made it clear that it’s skeptical of the almighty Jedi Order—and the latest episode continues that trend. Chapter 3, titled “Destiny,” puts a witchy twist on the classic origin story, detailing the twins’ immaculate (or rather, occult) conception and introducing their pseudo parent figure, Mother Aniseya (Jodie Turner-Smith).

As we discover, Brendock is home to a coven of Force-sensitive women who might be dabbling in the Dark Side, catching the Republic’s attention. Those pesky space witches! Familiar faces from earlier episodes pop up, including Jedi Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae), Master Indara (Moss), Master Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman), and the Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca (Joonas Suotamo), most of whom meet unfortunate ends. The episode has major Nightsister vibes, with Mae and Osha’s coven being pushed to society’s margins and forced into hiding to avoid spreading their “agenda.” Sound familiar?

Even though episode 3 of The Acolyte tied up some loose ends, it left us with more questions than answers, especially about the supposedly “harmless” Jedi. Now that we know why the planet burned and how Osha ended up with the Jedi, we can better understand Mae’s Jedi-killing spree, even if her methods are a bit extreme. However, it seems like there’s more to the story, as we’ve clearly skipped some chapters about the Jedi’s role in the coven’s destruction.


The Acolyte Episode 4 Release Date Confirmed: Will We Learn the Secrets of the Jedi?

New episodes of The Acolyte roll out on Disney+ every Tuesday at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET, with the next installment set to premiere on June 18. While episode 4 might not give us all the answers to our burning (too soon?) questions, it’s expected to jump forward to 16 years after Brendock’s destruction. Now, Osha knows her twin sister survived the fire. It’s unclear if the Jedi knew Mae was alive when they took in Osha, but Sol and the gang will have a lot to answer for.

Clearly, the Jedi present during that fateful day on Brendock have some skeletons in the closet. We know this because Torbin was ready to end his own life when Mae confronted him on Olega, taking the Barash Vow, presumably out of lingering guilt. Given that Mae’s targets have been the Jedi from Brendock 16 years ago, it’s evident she holds a deep grudge. Considering Torbin’s face scar likely didn’t come from the flames, it’s safe to assume the witches—including Mother Aniseya—put up a fight. These women were powerful Force-users, and it’s hard to believe a simple fire would wipe out an entire coven.

Since the Jedi and the Republic were wary of the Brendock witches from the start, it’s easy to see why these so-called peacekeepers wanted them gone. By destroying the coven and conveniently gaining a Force-sensitive child, The Acolyte paints a dark picture of the Jedi. For now, the mystery continues to unfold on Disney+, and it might be a while before we get concrete answers.