Outer Banks season 4 gets exciting production update: When will it release?

Ahoy, fellow treasure hunters! Good news on the horizon for all you Outer Banks aficionados eagerly awaiting the next chapter in our swashbuckling saga. Season 4 is on the horizon, and it seems our favorite cast of misfits is nearing the finish line in their quest to bring us more thrilling adventures.

After the tumultuous storms of the writers’ and actors’ strikes left our beloved production ship adrift in uncertain waters, it’s been a long wait for news of Season 4’s fate. But fear not, for Madison Bailey, the spirited heart of our Outer Banks crew, has offered a ray of hope in the darkest of times.


In a recent chat with Nylon, Bailey, aka the indomitable Kiara, dropped some pearls of wisdom that’ll have fans raising their JJs in celebration. Confirming that production is sailing smoothly towards its final destination, Bailey teased that Season 4 is just around the bend, ready to make its grand debut on the Netflix shores.

As Bailey herself puts it, “We are still in the process of filming Season 4. We’ll be wrapping up super shortly, and I’m excited for this season to come out. I’m actively looking at other projects for something in between. But it’s always some form of chaos. It’s a big one. I mean … we only go up, you know?”

And for those worried about getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle of TV release dates, Netflix has thrown us a lifeline. During its May 15 Upfront presentation, the streaming giant made it crystal clear that Outer Banks Season 4 will be making landfall before the year’s end, ensuring our binge-watching sails stay full and our compasses point true.

So, batten down the hatches, me hearties, and prepare for another thrilling voyage into the sun-soaked world of Outer Banks. With Season 4 on the horizon, the treasure trove of adventure awaits!


When will Outer Banks season 4 be released?

Ah, the treasure map of Outer Banks’ filming schedule, a trusty compass guiding us through the murky waters of release date speculation. Let’s unfurl this scroll and chart our course to Season 4’s debut, shall we?

Season 2’s journey took us from August 31, 2020, to April 2, 2021, with the treasure chest of episodes arriving on Netflix just under four months later on July 30, 2021. A swift journey, indeed!

Then came Season 3, setting sail from February 15, 2022, and navigating the tumultuous seas until September 2022. The crew at Netflix made us wait a little longer this time, with new episodes washing ashore on February 23, 2023, marking a five-month voyage from wrap to release.

Now, as we set our spyglass on Season 4, if the crew manages to stow away the cameras and rigging in the next few weeks, we can expect our return to the Outer Banks universe either in the crisp winds of late fall or the frosty embrace of early winter, sometime between October and December.

So fear not, fellow adventurers, for the shores of Netflix will soon beckon us back to the sun-soaked sands and thrilling escapades of our favorite treasure hunters. Prepare your binge-watching provisions and polish your compasses, for Outer Banks Season 4 will arrive before the year’s end, ready to whisk us away on another unforgettable voyage!